The 6 Best Dog Foods for Small Dog Breeds in 2021


Our dogs mean everything to us and, of course, we want them around for fur-ever. As pup parents, that means taking care of our little four-legged friends (ahem, children, really) the best we know how—from regular visits to the vet and groomer to feeding them healthy foods. Since nutrition and maintaining a healthy weight are particular concerns for small dog breeds, it’s really important to feed your small dog the best of the best, the healthiest of the healthiest.

So, we vetted (pun intended) the top dog foods for the smallest of our furry friends. These are the six best dog foods designed for small dog breeds.

  • The Farmer’s Dog Turkey Fresh Dog Food, $5.33 per day
  • Nom Nom Beef Mash Fresh Dog Food, $30.44 per week
  • Blue Buffalo True Solutions Small and Mighty Small Breed Formula, $19.49 per 4-pound bag
  • Merrick Classic Small Breed Dog Food, $19.99 per 4-pound bag
  • Jiminy’s Good Grub Dog Food, $45.99 per 10-pound bag
  • Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Recipe With Real Chicken for Small Breed Dogs, $39.99 per 10-pound bag

Best Dog Foods for Small Dog Breeds

The Farmer’s Dog Turkey Fresh Dog Food

The Farmer’s Dog is a subscription dog food service that shows up at your door either every week, few weeks, or every month and is totally customizable to your dog’s specific health needs.

The Farmer’s Dog is one of the most popular dog food subscription services to come about in recent years, with a laser focus on nutrition and using the best—meaning, the freshest—ingredients possible. Owners start by taking a quiz about their dog’s health, weight, breed, etc. so that TFD can personalize food to each dog’s unique needs. You can then specify how often you want to feed your dog (once or twice daily) and the proper portions based on your dog’s size, breed, age and weight will show up at your doorstep. It’s a meaningful option for all dogs—my dog is about 30 pounds, and this is what I personally feed her. But TFD is particularly good for small dog breeds, which may have more trouble maintaining a healthy weight, as well as picky eaters (as smaller dogs tend to be), and dogs with allergies. Speaking of allergies, if your dog has a chicken or turkey allergy, The Farmer’s Dog beef recipe may be a better option.

Buy at The Farmer’s Dog.

Nom Nom Beef Mash Fresh Dog Food

best dog foods small dog breeds nomnom
Nom Nom’s Beef Mash formula is made with restaurant-grade proteins and whole, natural vegetables and is prepared in their two kitchen locations in the U.S.

Nom Nom is another convenient dog food subscription service that is personalized to your dog’s individual nutrition needs. Formulated by board-certified veterinary nutritionist Dr. Justin Shmalberg, the Nom Nom Beef Mash recipe is fresh dog food made with fresh ingredients: ground beef, russet potatoes, eggs, carrots, peas and fish oil (for that shiny, shiny coat!). All of their ingredients are restaurant-quality and are sustainably sourced from their team of reliable U.S. growers and suppliers. Because the food is customizable to your dog’s weight, age and breed, it’s another awesome option for small breeds—both adults and puppies—particularly if they have trouble maintaining a healthy weight or have food allergies.

Buy at Nom Nom.

Blue Buffalo True Solutions Small and Mighty Small Breed Formula

best dog foods small dog breeds blue
Real chicken is the first ingredient in this made-for-small-dogs dog food by Blue Buffalo.

Small but mighty! If that sounds like your dog, then this aptly named small breed dog food by trusted dog food brand Blue Buffalo might be the perfect fit. Real chicken is this food’s first ingredient, and the formula is outfitted with omega 3 and other important fatty acids, essential vitamins and antioxidant-rich ingredients that keep your dog healthy and energized so they can keep playing catch all day long. While this dog food is better for adult doggos, it’s specifically made for extra-small, small and toy breeds, so can you have peace of mind when feeding it to your pint-size pooch.

Buy at Chewy.

Merrick Classic Small Breed Dog Food

best dog foods small dog breeds merrick
Merrick Classic Small Breed Dog Food is pea-free, lentil-free and potato-free, making it a great option for allergy-prone small dog breeds.

Available on Chewy in either a 4- or 10-pound bag, Merrick Classic Small Dog Food formula features essential vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids for a balanced diet and, of course, real deboned chicken as its first ingredient. All of these ingredients work well together to promote healthy skin and fur, and the health of your doggy’s hips and joints (which can be a big problem in some small breeds). Also free of potatoes, peas, and lentils, this food is formulated with quinoa for good digestion, making it best for small breed adult dogs.

Buy at Chewy.

Jiminy’s Good Grub Dog Food

best dog foods small dog breeds jiminys
Jiminy’s Good Grub dog food is highly digestible, soft-baked kibble made from insect protein powder, oats, sweet potato, flaxseed and other plant-based ingredients.

Chicken, turkey, beef, salmon and even lamb—these are the most popular dog food flavors we’ve all heard of before. But crickets?! Meet Jiminy’s, a sustainable and humane dog food brand that oven bakes their insect-based dog food and treats in the U.S. Jiminy’s Good Grub Dog Food is one of our favorite options for small breeds because insect protein powder combined with oats, sweet potato, flaxseed and other plant-based ingredients makes for a nutrient-dense dog food that helps keep your pup at a healthy weight. Jiminy’s Good Grub Dog Food is also significantly less processed than some other dog foods. That’s because while other dog food companies prefer to extrude their food (that means baking under high pressure and in heat that cooks out the nutrients your dog needs), Jiminy’s uses a small-batch baking process that’s sustainable and results in a more nutritious meal for Spot. Jiminy’s Good Grub kibbles are also pretty small—making them easily chewable and digestible for petite dogs (and their bellies).

Buy at Petco.

Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Recipe With Real Chicken for Small Breed Dogs

best dog foods small dog breeds instinct
High in animal protein and also grain-free, Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Recipe With Real Chicken for Small Breed Dogs is part dry food, part freeze-dried raw meat.

Grain-free and high-protein, Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Recipe With Real Chicken for Small Breed Dogs offers your small pup all the health benefits of a raw diet but in an accessible, non-yucky and long-lasting freeze-dried form. Cage-free chicken is the first protein-packed ingredient in this dog food specifically formulated for small dog breeds. It’s meant to promote lean muscles and properly balance protein, fat and calories so that your tiny dog can maintain a healthy body weight. Made without grain, potato, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, by-product meal or preservatives, this small breed dog food can also help promote strong bones, teeth and joints thanks to high levels of calcium, phosphorus, glucosamine and chondroitin.

Buy at Petco.

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